Welcome to the Links to Legends Vote Exchange Board.
This board was created to celebrate those pages competing in website competitions.  Each site is a legend in itself, thus the name. 
Looking for supporters?  Looking for friends to help you on your journey through your website competion?  Look no further.  Simply submit your site to the Links to Legends Vote Exchange Board and then browse through the current list of sites looking for supporters to exchange votes with.  Blind Voting is not encouraged here, so please visit a potential supporter's site before emailing them with a vote exchange request.
Good Luck on your journey and remember - if you have the Spirit, you will always be a winner in the Site Fights!
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If you would like your Vote Exchange board listed here, please email me at fairy_ivy@hotmail.com.
Please take our banner below for your website and feel free to link it back to http://www.linkstolegends.8m.com so that others who are competing may find supporters.